Tapas Menu

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All of our menu items are expertly crafted by Chef Patti DeBoer and served to you with love and care! We make our own condiments and crackers. Our crackers are all gluten free (GF) so any plate that contains bread or puff pastry can be made GF with crackers.


Featured seasoned popcorn 4 (GF)
House humus or salsa with tortilla chips 4 (GF)


Feta Skewers 9
Marinated feta, melon, prosciutto & olives (GF)

Fish Tacos 12
Halibut fish taco with citrus guacamole, corn and black pea salsa on a corn tortilla (GF)

Cheese & Charcuterie Plate 9
Selection of cheese & cured meats with house made condiments

Chicken skewers 12
Sesame and ginger chicken breast skewers with vegetables and peach garlic aioli dipping sauce (GF)

Fritters 9
Cauliflower & chickpea fritters, zaatar spiced lemon yogurt cheese, pickled turnips (GF)

Flatbread 14

Pear, rosemary & walnut pesto with blue cheese & fig jam (GF)
Prosciutto, grilled pineapple, caramelized onions & pineapple basil reduction (GF)
Marinated mushrooms, artichoke, zucchini, garlic roasted red peppers & truffle oil (GF)

Sharing Plates

Cheese Selection 14
3 oz cheese, wine jelly, apple chips, seasonal fruit, spiced nuts, crackers & bread

Charcuterie 17
Smoked & cured meats, mustard, pickles, artichoke aioli, sun dried tomato tapenade, olives, crackers & bread


Featured Cheese Cake 8
House made cheesecake, whipped cream, house made sauce (GF)

Featured Truffles 8
House made truffles served with fresh fruit and a fruit reduction