Adam Meachem – the best of Kelowna live music

Adam Meachem – the best of Kelowna live music

What are atmospheric soundscapes? It is a musical experience that you don’t want to miss! Discover the best of Kelowna live music with Adam Meachem and his guitar-driven atmospheric soundscapes at Wilbur’s Piano Bar at Wine & Art. Audiences respond emotionally to Adam’s work. Beyond guitar strumming, he brings his instrument to life in a way that captivates the senses, creating ethereal magic. Adam performs from 8 pm to 11 pm at Wilbur’s Piano Bar, Saturday April 22, 2017. Click here to reserve.

Overall, his pieces range from the cinematic, he’s produced original soundtracks and themes for award winning films as well as television shows in Canada and the States, to pensive instrumentals and the occasional re-arranged cover song. With such a dynamic range of styles and techniques at his disposal, Adam’s songs deliver continually evolving sonic environments that enhance the listening experience. This is visually evident at Adam’s concerts where audiences are mesmerized by his ability to create acoustic guitar loops and then solo over them with his electric. At larger shows he is accompanied by live world percussion beats, smooth cello, violin, and beautiful vocals.

Adam’s debut album, a full-length multi-instrumental called Axial Precession, is currently being recorded. Its first single, “Totemic Revival”, has been placed on the Satellite Symphony Volume #1 – Music From Beyond Borders, compilation featuring 12 artists from all over the world. His second single release “Sapphire Sun” is another testament to his diversity. You can check out more about Adam Meachem at his website.

About Wilbur’s Piano Bar at Wine & Art

Wilbur’s Piano Bar at Wine & Art offers the best of Kelowna live music in an intimate gallery and wine bar setting. Local and travelling musicians bring jazz, folk, pop, and various live music genres to delight guests on Friday and Saturday evenings. Guests may reserve ahead to freestyle paint on canvas with acrylics while enjoying the music, or just come for the music, tapas and wine. The bar offers an extensive list of over two dozen Okanagan wines as well as local beer, cider and non-alcoholic beverages. Chef Patti DeBoer’s delicious tapas, sharing plates and desserts are the perfect accompaniment to create a magical evening out. Reservations are always recommended.